Sparendaam cop begs teen to take financial settlement after torturing him


By Leroy Smith

[] – A police rank from the Sparendaam Police Station is very busy trying to convince the relatives of a teenager to take a financial settlement and not give statements against him after he poured methylated spirits on the teen’s hands and set it alight.

fireLast evening (Monday, June 02), the police confirmed they received reports about the matter and indicated that it is presently engaging the attention of the Police Office of Professional Responsibility.

The police in a press release stated that19 – year – old Junior Torrington of Eastville Housing Scheme, Annandale East Coast claimed that he was burnt to the hands by the police while in custody at the police station.

 It was noted that at the time of the incident, the teen was being investigated for a criminal offence which occurred between May 25 and 27.

Meanwhile, iNews was also reliably informed by a source close to the investigation that the officer in charge of the Police Station was fingered in the 2009 torture of another teenager at the Leonora Police Station.

In that case, the child was burnt to his genitals with the use of a lighter and methylated spirits. iNews was also informed by a source that at this point no police rank from the Sparendaam Police Station is under close arrest.

This latest incident comes even as the police are working with several communities to get young people to have a better relationship with the police as well as the ongoing investigations of one case of police brutality and torture at the Timheri Police Station and another case of police excesses where a cadet officer shot a teenager in his mouth.





  1. They( CIVILIANS) should KILL some of these (ph uking) police men , they think they are above the law. WTF is going on in this country, the PPP, PNC, AFC cant do anything to stop this brawling (sh it) that is taking place.

  2. Here we go again. The US has really influenced you people, you see the stories and decide to act them out. If that family takes the money, they are contributing to the further CORRUPTION of the GPF. This Officer like all other Officers are ordinary people who made the choice of joining the police force. They are not a SPECIAL BREED of BEINGS from a far away land. I say arrest him and treat him with the utmost disrespect, the same that he showed the young man. The same goes for the cop who shot the kid in his mouth.

  3. All the police does this when they hurt you then asking you to take some kind of financial settlement….what the hell they think at all they just destroying people’s children and then want give them money because they know I poor people’s children so they would take the money and shut up…..hell no!!!!!

  4. These things need to stop. What kind of human being are those, that police office need to be punished severely.


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