Sooba’s house ‘channa bombed’; Family scared

Town Clerk (ag), Carol Sooba

By Fareeza Haniff

Town Clerk [ag], Carol Sooba.
Town Clerk [ag], Carol Sooba.
[] – Two bottles of Molotov cocktail [commonly known as channa bomb] were hurled at the house of Acting Town Clerk, Carol Sooba this morning at approximately 01:30 hours.

A police report stated that the device failed to ignite but damaged a glass window of the security hut at Duncan Street, Campbellville, Georgetown.

When contacted this morning, Sooba told iNews that she along with her 19 – year – old niece and her 76 – year – old bed ridden mother were fast asleep when they heard the security guards [Constables David and Layne] screaming “fire, fire!”

Sooba told iNews that the device scorched the front of her house, hit the PVC pipes and caused a small fire. She said her family is now scared, given the fact that this is not the first time that her house and safety has come under threat.

She pointed out that on Monday [August 04], Mayor Hamilton Green sent her a copy of a memo which he wrote to the Chief Constable, instructing that security be removed from Sooba’s residence.

Additionally, the acting Town Clerk related that she received a few telephone calls recently informing her that “secret meetings were being held with Hammy and some people.”

She said the person called her “out of concern for my safety.” Sooba is now taking steps to increase her security.

No one has been arrested.




  1. Thank God no great damage was done or loss of life. I do hope this os not going back to the old days of wicked and deadly tatics by —— You know who. Ms Sooba please be careful and keep doing your work well.

  2. catch this sucker and put the dirt bag in jail
    a strong message must be sent to these bullies
    ghetto behaviour must not be tolerated.


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