Son charged with causing death of mother, 15-Y-0

Dead: Paula Kissoondial
Winston Collins
Winston Collins

[] – Twenty – four – year old Winston Collins, the driver of motor car PRR 164 that was involved in a fatal accident on the Corentyne public on Tuesday last, was placed before the courts on four traffic charges.

Collins, known as ‘Ongaman’, of Lot 128 Second Street, Swamp Section Rose Hall Town, Corentyne, appeared on Friday, November 06 before Magistrate Charlyn Artiga at the No. 51 Magistrate’s Court.

He was charged with two counts of causing death by dangerous driving for the death of his mother, 53 – year – old Paula Kissoondial and 15 – year – old Akeem Harry, a labourer of Sookhoo Street, Rose Hall Town.

He was not required to plead to the two indictable charges but pleaded not guilty to two other charges which stated that on the same day, he was driving without a license and was driving a vehicle that was uninsured.

He was placed on self-bail for those two offenses and $300,000 bail for both charges of causing death by dangerous driving. He is to return to court December 9.

Dead: Paula Kissoondial
Dead: Paula Kissoondial

iNews had reported that Kissoondial, a mother of seven, died on the spot while Harry died at the Skeldon Public Hospital. iNews understands that the accident occurred while the vehicle – PRR 164 – was coming around the turn at the #46 village. The vehicle, which was rented from Prophecy Car Rental, was reportedly using a spare wheel, which apparently blew off resulting in the driver losing control.

According to reports, the vehicle flew across a trench before slamming into the fence of a residential yard and landed on the bridge. According to first responders, after the car landed on the bridge, they had to put it in an upright position in order to rescue those inside.

The mangled car following the accident. [iNews' Photo]
The mangled car following the accident. [iNews’ Photo]
Eyewitnesses told iNews that the seat belts of the driver and the front passenger had to be cut off. Both of the decease persons were sitting in the back passenger seat when the accident occurred, iNews was told.

Family of Kissoondial said she and the others went to drop off a son at the Canawaima Ferry Stelling and whilst returning, tragedy struck.



  1. from the picture the spare wheel does not look like it had a blow out or any damage i want to the police to check that and how can a car rental rent a uninsured car and rent a car to a driver without a license ?

    Please someone explain.

    Hope i news approval my post because there are not doing it.


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