Sinking Ship: All crew members rescued; Vessel was overloaded


Ship[] – All crew members who were on-board the sinking ship have been rescued, the Maritime Administration Department has clarified.

MARAD  had informed that the locally registered ship “CAPT. SAIF” sank off the Coast of Guyana sometime between Saturday evening and Sunday evening.

The vessel departed from Georgetown at approximately 07:00 hrs on Saturday August 1st, 2015, with a consignment of general cargo. Four persons were on board, but one person was reported missing.

However, MARAD in a press release on Tuesday, August 04 clarified that three of the four crew members were rescued by a passing fishing boat on Sunday August 02, while the fourth crew member was rescued sometime later and they are all now safely ashore reunited with their families.

According to investigations thus far, the Capt. Saif departed at approximately 07:15 hours on Saturday August 1, 2015 from the Guyana Fertilizer Company Limited Wharf, Georgetown and was destined for Port Kaituma, Region # 1.

On board were the Captain Mr. Nyshel Singh, Mr. Reid; the purser/charterer and two sailors.

During the voyage, the vessel developed a list which an attempt was made to rectify with crew, but apparently the vessel was unstable. At approximately 22:45 hours, the vessel began listing rapidly to port. The crew then jettisoned some of the cargo from the said port side, but their efforts were futile as the vessel continued listing to port and capsized, then completely over with its bottom in the air.

“At this early stage of the investigation, the evidence available suggests that the vessel may have been loaded with poor stability, thus it was unstable,” MARAD reported. A full investigation is now underway.




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