Security Guard shot in hospital robbery recovering well

Roshan Khan
Roshan Khan

[] – The security guard that was shot on Sunday while transporting money form the Balwant Singh Hospital to the bank is said to be in good condition and is recovering well.

This was confirmed by RK Security Boss, Roshan Khan who told iNews that the guard was in receipt of excellent medical care from a private institution.

Khan told iNews that “we are very ecstatic that he is out of danger.”

He said a press conference to address the issue will be held later this week.

The guard along with a colleague were held at gunpoint and robbed a large sum of money they were transporting to the bank at the time.

The money was moments before uplifted from the privately operated – Balwant Singh Hospital.

According to reports, the guards , who were also armed, were held up at Middle and East Streets by three armed bandits on motor cycles.

Police in a subsequent released identified the shot security guard as 23-year-old Garvin Trotman.

According to police two of the perpetrators drove up on a motor cycle and held up Trotman who was driving the security vehicle, while the other man, on foot, held up Andre Glenn who was in the front passenger seat.

Trotman was shot to his back and hand and a bag with an undisclosed sum of cash was handed over to the armed men who escaped.




  1. The advice from the GPF is/was: utilise private security to take large sums of money around.. what will they say now?? The CID needs experience not papers!


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