Shoemaker sets sister on fire over ‘missing weed’


By Leroy Smith

[] – Thirty – five – year old Samantha Schwartz, a mother of four who resides at lot 73 Section D South Sophia is now a patient at the burns unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital after she was set on fire by her 30 – year – old brother.

While iNews has been able to confirm that the woman was doused with gasoline, there are conflicting reports as to what caused her to be set alight as her family is saying the incident stemmed over a missing slipper while the police are claiming it is over some missing weed.

iNews during an interview with the sister of the hospitalized woman was informed that the when the mother of four arrived home, she was questioned by her shoemaker brother about a missing slipper which she claimed she had no knowledge of.

The woman said that it was the answer that Schwartz gave her brother that caused her to be burnt.

Flimsy as the reason seems, the woman said that is how it happened and the police are looking for the assailant. She said that her sister’s attack was witnessed by her three – year – old daughter while her 12 – year – old son attempted to put out the fire with a bucket of water but was advised against such action.

Meanwhile, iNews was informed by a police source that the burnt woman was in the company of her sister-in-law who is the child mother of her other brother.

The police source explained that the woman is known to be a kleptomaniac and the other brother and the assailant apparently had some cannabis in the shoemaker’s shop which was removed by the sister-in-law.

The police has since launched a search for the suspect.


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