Sheriff St. hit and run vehicle found

Dead: Travis Bollers
The vehicle involved in the accident.
The vehicle involved in the accident.

[] – Canter Truck GHH 5201 was on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 found in North Sophia by ranks of the Guyana Police Force Traffic Department.

Acting on information, the ranks were able to locate the vehicle which was involved in the accident on Sheriff Street on November 26 after it came into contact with two young men on a motorcycle.

The accident claimed the life of 17 – year – old Travis Bollers while his cousin Quacy McAlman was injured.

Traffic Chief, Dion Moore told iNews that the vehicle was found minus its driver even as the police are working to verify if the number plate and registration found on the vehicle are authentic.

On Thursday last, the two young men were struck from their motorcycle by a white canter truck that speed out of a cross street and onto Sheriff Street.

Dead: Travis Bollers
Dead: Travis Bollers

Bollers was taken to the hospital and died while receiving medical attention, while his cousin suffered several lacerations to the body.

The driver, according to persons who witnessed the accident, came out of his vehicle, looked at the injured men, went back into his vehicle and drove off.

Based on the information provided to iNews, the vehicle is registered to M. Singh who operates the Telles Steel and hardware located at 74 Hadfield Street, Stabroek Georgetown.



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