Several Litterbugs nabbed during stake – out

Dumpsite on Mandela Avenue outside GWI

[] – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been aggressive in going after litterbugs by conducting stake-out exercises within littering hotspots in Georgetown which has proven to be successful over the past few weeks.

The EPA in a media release noted that enforcement exercises were conducted within the East and West Ruimveldt areas and identified several polluters. Investigation at this hot spot on February 19, 2015 revealed the identity of several residents including Mr. Lynden Colin Shipley of East Ruimveldt, Mr. Nicholas Jermaine Cameron of East Ruimveldt, and Ms. Grenda Smith of West Ruimveldt Housing Scheme. The Agency intends to take legal action against these individuals and others found littering and illegally dumping.

iNews understands that during the month of February, Clean-up Orders were issued to Tejram Lall (WCD), Ravindra Shivpersaud (Plantain Walk, ECD), Fedel Gordon (WCD), Kodvatalli Ramujohn (WCD), G. Basdeo (Hadfield Street, Lodge), Jagnarine Singh (Better Hope NDC Chairman), Hardeo Ganpat (ECD), Adrian Desouza (Campbellville Avenue, Georgetown), Maxi Prince (Better Hope, ECD), Sharmilla Vishnand (Better Hope, ECD), and Mr. Amin (Success, ECD).

Mr. Walter Narine, Solid Waste Management Director inspecting litter to identify polluters

Further, two Litter Removal Orders were issued to Mr. Devon of Better Hope, ECD, and A. Bacchus of Success Gas Station Road, ECD. Additionally, the Litter Enforcement Unit is working closely with the Georgetown Solid Waste Management Department in tackling the issue of illegal dumping in the city.

Ms. Kamwattie Boodhoo of C. &F. Supermarket located on Regent Street was identified as a polluter from investigations of business documents including bills and statements at an illegal dump site at Church and Camp Streets.

The dumping of construction waste was acknowledged by Mr. G. Basdeo of Regency Hotel Inc. who improperly disposed of the waste on the government reserve in front of Regency Hotel Inc. Both parties acknowledged their wrongdoing, and were issued a Fixed Penalty of $15, 000, and a Clean-up Order to remove the waste in their respective areas.

The Litter Regulations state that depositing litter in a public place and on other people’s property without their consent is a criminal offense. If found guilty, the fines range from $50,000 for individuals, and $100,000 for businesses; should an offender accept responsibility for their actions, a fixed penalty of $15,000 is issued which is to be paid within ten days. If the same person is caught a second time committing the same offense, then the fine attached to the offence is doubled.

To report cases of illegal dumping, contact the Litter Enforcement Unit on 600-0620, 219 2630, 225-0506, or email [email protected].