Security Guard shot after robbed by motorcycle bandits


robbery[] – A Security Guard attached to RK Security Service is currently nursing a gunshot wound after he was robbed along with a colleague during a daring robbery on Sunday.

The two guards were held at gunpoint and robbed a large sum of money they were transporting to the bank at the time.

The money was moments before uplifted from the privately operated – Balwant Singh Hospital.

According to reports, the guards , who were also armed, were held up at Middle and East Streets by three armed bandits on motor cycles.

The bandits demanded the cash and shot one guard before making good their escape.

The name of the injured man is not immediately known.

A police investigation has been launched.




  1. granger administration let out more criminals when you cannot even control the ones that is in this country . high crime rate does good for the economy tourist and promote a safe environment for people to come and invest in Guyana. I never seen a backward administration as this one.


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