Sean Hinds released on station bail

Sean Hinds along with his Attorney, Nigel Hughes. [HGPTV Nightly News Photo]

Sean Hinds along with his Attorney, Nigel Hughes. [HGPTV Nightly News Photo]
Sean Hinds along with his Attorney, Nigel Hughes. [HGPTV Nightly News Photo]
[] – Embattled former policeman and self – confessed death squad member, Sean Hinds has been released from police custody on $100,000 station bail.

However, he has been ordered to return to the CID Headquarters today, Friday July 31, where investigators continue to grill him about his role in the infamous death squad, which was established in 2002/2003 to deal with Guyana’s crime wave.

Hinds is still not cooperating with the police and has been in custody since July 27, following his explosive interview with HGPTV Nightly News. Hinds wanted by the Guyana Police Force in connection with a “serious offence.”

He is also allegedly wanted after he was seen staking out the home of Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo; however Hinds has since denied that claim.

The former policeman broke his silence and confessed to being part of the death squad in Guyana back in 2002/2003, which was responsible for bringing down several armed criminals who had escaped from the Camp Street Prison in February 2002.

Hinds made the revelation during an exclusive interview with Travis Chase of HGPTV Nightly News on July 21, where he also noted that he took direct orders from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

According to Hinds, the CID also provided the death squad with weapons and that he worked with the late Axel Williams, who was gunned down several years ago.

He claims to know who the killers are of journalist, Ronald Waddell and political activist, Courtney Crum-Ewing.



  1. This whole thing is a damn circus. Shawn Hinds playing games because he know he got them in a vice, he got a smart lawyer by his side. so if they want play stupid and pin anythig on him he letting them know how much he could hurt them, since this Govt. not making joke to put ppl away. he know he ain’t going down alone. Some important ppl life on the line.

  2. Are you saying ‘his’ people are PNC? I thought he is a lawyer by profession and as far as I am concerned he is an AFC member, bearing in mind his profession has nothing to do with his political affiliation or racism for that matter. I guess you only see the races as a political football, typical of a certain mindset. in adddition, Mr. Hughes do not GO to his clients for representation they Go to him.

  3. Ramjattan is a go for boy like I say the PNC always control things even when not in
    Government Might is right its an ancient thing that came across the Ocean.

  4. He is still a house slave for your PPP,,,the ppl questioned him is the same police that worked for the PPP,,crabs in a barrel,,,,he will lead to his own demise,,dam jackass,,

  5. Nigel Hughes all this is Unity they are Uniting all the way, I don’t think Mr Hughes defend
    any Indian. only his People (PNC).

  6. Sean Hinds is under the watchful eye of those in the upper echelons of the police, include CID, who he fingered as being the kingpins in the operations of the death squad. They can’t have him spill any more beans.

  7. Does it make sense to lock someone up with not enough evidence.Only to have a great lawyer come and get him of because people were too hasty to be diligent about their job.Do you see how developed countries operate,the gather evidence on you for years,so when they hold you,there is no where for you to go.EX Roger Khan.Sean went on TV and said many things and I for one believe him,but when we put him away it must be for good and it must be with the rest of the criminals.So let the police do their work,evidence is needed,unless we will be more upset if he is released for the lack thereof.

  8. Is this real police work and is this what we call “true justice”. Well I will say that this entire saga with Mr. Hinds is a good example of how flawed the judicial and police dept real is. First we have the Chairman of the AFC Mr. Hughes whose wife also is a minister representing this killer – that is a conflict of interest. Here is Mr. Hinds openly admitting that he killed Guyanese and here we are allowing him to walk – I guess they government want him or is condoning his criminal activities. Why is the police or the DPP not to going to the courts and hold him in contempt. The law makes provision for that to happen. Let’s be real – our current government is too busy trying to point finger at everyone for their failure to delivery any thing that is beneficial people so far- make Mr. Hinds an example and prove to the people that are serious in address the crime situation in Guyana. Mr. Ramjattan – you lost the opportunity here to make a name for yourself and have now proven that you are just a puppet minister with no real authority. Both Ramjattan and Nagamoottoo are like two horses in a race with their riders bring APNU just whipping them like dumb fools. Time for both of you and the Hughes to step aside and stop taking the Guyanese people for granted.

  9. GUYANESE FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS,,,,,stay tuned for the next episodes,,,,,too big to be touched, Guyanese full of shit nuff talks,and nothing more,,,,


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