Sanjay’s Jewellery owner jailed for death by dangerous driving

Bishnarine Sanjay Persaud
Bishnarine Sanjay Persaud
Bishnarine Sanjay Persaud

[] – Bishnarine Persaud, the owner of Sanjay’s Jewelley was on Friday sentenced to 58 months imprisonment after he was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving.

Persaud was convicted of killing Leon Hunte on Lamaha Street, Georgetown around mid-night on September 10.

City Magistrate Judy Latchman in her ruling said she was convinced there was compelling evidence that Persaud was guilty of the offence.

Defence Attorney Glenn Hanoman informed the Court that his client intends to appeal the Magistrat’s ruling and subsequently made an application for bail pending that appeal.

However that application was denied by the Magistrate.

Persaud had pleaded not guilty to the charge on his first court appearance and was granted bail $1.5 M.

Particulars of the charge are that on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at Lamaha Street, Newtown-Kitty, Georgetown, he allegedly drove motor car PKK 5501 in a manner that was dangerous to the public thereby causing the death of Hunte.



  1. Its time we put lots of these drivers in jail…Many innocent lives are being lost on our road carelessly.It would be an eye opener for many to take more care on the road,,For our poor population we are having more than 100 plus death for the year..The police need to stop taking bribe and do their jobs.

  2. One of the big time drug king is down,many more to go,all the money you got cant help you this time,the poor dumb man was going home from work while you were going home from the bar and you run him over,I hope they dont put him on bail so he can run away from the country.


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