Sanasie’s wife pleads innocence, believes he’s mentally unwell


By Kurt Campbell

Senasie[] – The wife of popular Auto Dealer Deonarine Sanasie [popularly known as Ram], who was shot and injured on Friday, February 14 continues to plead her innocence against allegations of a conspiracy to kill him as she made her first appearance before the media on Thursday (February 20).

Patricia Sanasie along with her US based brother, Vishnu Persaud are being accused by her husband of contriving to kill him. The duo where both taken into police custody initially for questioning and were held by police for 72 hours before being released on bail and uncharged.

“I am innocent, I know nothing… I have been living with this man for 28 years, since I was 16 why would I want to do that … everything that he has been saying is a lie and I have proof,” the distraught woman told the media.

She, along with her three daughters who are also Sanasie’s children, believes he may be mentally unwell and should seek medical attention.

She firstly refuted claims by Sanasie that he had known in advance of the plot and that investigators had visited their home to question her.

The woman chronologically recalled her activities on the day he was shot and also rejected claims by Sanasie that he did not speak to her when she called him moments after the shooting and that she was constantly calling his phone.

“They can go to GT&T and get my phone records from one year ago and see who I call… they can get anything they want for the investigation, I am innocent.”

Meanwhile, one of Patricia’s brothers in the United States is claiming that there was a plot to kill the businessman. The police have a recording of the telephone conversation between the businessman and the brother, when he told him that he knew of the plot before. He claimed that Patricia’s mother also knew of the plot and told him.

To this end Patricia said that her brother is lying because of a grievance he holds that is internal. She said her mother is preparing an affidavit with the help of the lawyer, which debunk claims that she told the brother of any plot.

Meanwhile, Patricia’s brother Vishnu Persaud, who arrived in Guyana a day after the shooting and is being accused of plotting with his sister, is also maintaining his innocence.

“I love my sister and my nieces and my brother – in – law, he is a good man… we had talked about setting up a business and that’s why I returned… I don’t know what to say, I think I’m still dreaming.”

He believes that his brother may be against him after he refused to sell his house which he sold three weeks ago to another brother.
The two claimed they have no idea why Sanasie is blaming them and maintain that he should seek medical help.

Patricia says their 28 year relationship was not entirely smooth but is adamant that she has no reason to kill him. She along with her brother has to report back to the police station tomorrow.

Meanwhile, she has taken out a restraining order against him, while he wants to return home to live in the house.

Their children were also part of the press conference and expressed support for their mother and uncle.



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