Rupununi girls stripped, flogged in school

One of the school girls being restrained while being whipped.
One of the school girls being restrained while being whipped.
One of the school girls being restrained while being whipped.

[] – The Ministry of Education is conducting an investigation into an incident in which at least two students, one from the Awarewanau Primary School and the other from Lethem, in Deep South Rupununi were given humiliating corporal punishment in the presence of the other students.

From a video clip that was first posted on Facebook several months ago and recently re-posted, it appears that the two female students were partially stripped and whipped by a male teacher, whilst being restrained, as other students looked on. According to the post, the girls, who are 13 and 15 years old, were beaten with “broad cow skin belt and hospitalised” subsequently.

One of the school girls being restrained while being whipped.
One of the school girls being restrained while being whipped.

According to Minister of Education Dr Rupert Roopnaraine, himself, “in collaboration with the Ministry of National Security and the Ministry of Social Protection are investigating the matter, and will take appropriate action.”

The video, which actually surfaced several months ago, was reported to the Education Ministry. A full report on the incident will be made public once completed, according to the education minister. [Extracted and modified from GINA]




  1. They should take the teacher and the other 2 holding them and give them a good taste of the cow skin belt and then send them to face prison time, no one should have to be treated like this especially kids at school, you send your kids to school to learn not to be beaten by some fools who call themselves teachers. I only hope they are not still teaching doing the same to other kids, hope they are in prison for fail to do there job as teachers and harming of two miners while they are being investigated.

  2. I am so happy this present Government is looking into this. They should be thought a lesson, that’s cruelty. Matters what they child has done, there are ways in punishing a child, to do what’s right. Hats off to the Minister of Education. Keep the good work going.

  3. When I saw this video, I was so shock I think of my kids and the embarrassment these girls suffered. Hope they are punish severely.

  4. this happened under the ppp watch so enough of the hypocrisy that “we fought so hard to have this not happen but it did”. misogyny is a ppp trait and one of its ministers was forced to resign for threatening to slap and have a woman activist stripped in public by other women. it is refreshing and assuring that this new administration will not take action against criminal behavior by teachers, something missing during the over two decades of misrule by the ppp.

  5. We should bring these teachers to GT and give them a live Televised Public whipping. Like would volunteer to give a whip.

  6. No child should have to face such Punishment i wonder if that Teacher was thinking.I do hoped that he gets a severe punishment for his actions

  7. This beast needs to be in jail. What does stripping and whipping female students in class has to do with discipline. Discipline has to do about teaching- not punishment which is about pain. Desire and punier. Put this pervert in jail with Bobo.

  8. they teachers who flog those kids should be go to jail for a long time
    minister please do some thing fast and thank you

  9. will take will take appropriate action.”…lets see ..we fought so hard to have this not happen but it did..the penaly must be so severe so as to send the message loud and clear this will never be tolerated in civil society ever.

  10. If these girl were my children,the jackass with the whip and the other two holding them down would O. Its is very clear something is wrong in Guyana. Everybody doing what they feel like, I am sure the pain and embarrassment these girls suffered will last them a life time. I am hoping to see very harsh punishment for those involved.


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