Rohee says no to restricting importation of vehicles to ease traffic congestion


[] – While the Home Affairs Ministry is concerned about the traffic congestion in the city, the subject Minister Clement Rohee is not in favour at this time to restrict the importation of vehicles in the country.

He believes that the solution to the problem lies with greater law enforcement.

“I didn’t say we would restrict vehicles. I said that maybe one of the options but it’s not an option on the table right now. We’re looking at a number of different options right now; the only option on the table is one way street network,” Rohee told reporters at a news conference on Tuesday, November 5 as Guyana observes Road Safety Week.

Additionally, Rohee noted that while efforts are being made to address the situation, there seems to be little progress. He explained that the Ministry has advertised for traffic wardens to aid the police’s efforts. However, there has been a poor response.

“We need to have stronger low enforcement in all over streets; law enforcement comes mainly from traffic department from the Guyana Police Force. We have made efforts to employ traffic wardens…we placed many ads in the newspapers; the response has been very slow,” the Home Affairs Minister explained.

The traffic wardens will be trained by the police and will have the authority to issue tickets.



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