Roadside meat vendor attacks and wounds Ministry’s staff


vendors[] – A Ministry of Public Works employee was attacked and wounded with a meat saw last Friday when he attempted to remove a roadside meat vendor operating on Government reserves at New Hope, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

Four days before the incident, the vendor was given a “Notice of Violation” with respect to the erection of the permanent structure on the reserve, the penalties risked and necessary steps needed for approval to erect any structures.

The vendor refused to comply with the notice which promoted the Ministry to demolish the permanent shed he had built. In a show of defiance, he placed a stand and continued to sell at the location.

On Friday, June 6, 2014, MPW employees informed the vendor he had to move and as they were in the process of removing the meat knives and cutters, the vendor pulled a meat saw and attacked the staff. One employee sustained a cut to his right arm.

The matter was reported to Cove and John Police Station where officers are pursuing charges.

The Ministry reiterates that the unauthourized erection of billboards and structures on the road reserves, property line to property line is an offence by the law. These structures are a traffic hazard to both motorists and pedestrians.

Anyone desirous of erecting any structure within the road reserves MUST obtain written approval from the Chief Works Officer with the MPW.

[Ministry of Public Works]




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