RK boss believes hospital robbery was inside job; offers $1M reward

Roshan Khan
Roshan Khan
Roshan Khan

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Director of RK’s Security Service Roshan Khan on Wednesday told reporters, at a press conference, that he is of the view that the weekend robbery in which a security personnel from his company was injured is an inside job. 

While not pointing fingers to his own company or the client they were transferring the cash for – Balwant Singh Hospital – Khan said it is his strong belief that information was leaked to the bandits.

The cash which was carted off was said to be just under $4M and Khan told reporters that the money is insured and the process has already started to have it reimbursed by the insurance company.

He said the reward which is being offered will be given to anyone who can share information to his company or the police that can lead to the arrest of the bandits.

It was at the press conference that journalist were also informed that Balwant Singh Hospital is not a client which calls in advance to have cash picked up so tracking the movement would be hard for anyone outside of the system.

He admitted that the client usually calls announced and just informs the security company that they have a pick up and drop off to do.

 On Sunday last, one security guard was shot to the abdomen and arm by bandits on motorcycles as they were transporting cash from the hospital to a bank in Georgetown.

From all indication and according to Khan the bandits seemed to have known about the transactions and waited for the money to be placed into the car before they pounced on the security personnel.





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