Restaurant owner killed in home invasion; wife beaten

Dead: Zhenjz Su

Dead: Zhenjz Su
Dead: Zhenjz Su. [Mark Benschop Photo]
[] – A businessman is now dead and his wife hospitalized after they were beaten and robbed sometime early Friday.

While details about the robbery/murder are still sketchy at this time, iNews understands that the couple owns the popular Black Chiney Restaurant on Mandela Avenue and they were attacked and beaten mercilessly in the presence of their children, ages 3 and 5, who looked on helplessly.

The couple has been identified as Fei Su, 32 years and Zhenjz Su, 35 years. The traumatized woman told police that she was knocked unconscious and remained in that state for more than an hour by the armed men. Upon regaining consciousness, she found that her husband was nowhere in the house.

She subsequently found him in a pool of blood, covered by a number of rice bags and discovered that his hands and feet were bound with tape while cloth was stuffed in his mouth and that too was taped to prevent the cloth from coming out.

The man was already dead when the wife found him; she telephoned the police, who responded within five minutes and they immediately launched their investigation, while escorting the woman to the hospital to seek medical attention.

According to police sources, the businessman was apparently badly beaten as a number of lacerations were found on his face, head and other parts of the body.

Meanwhile, the police in a subsequent report, noted that they are conducting investigations into a robbery/murder that occurred at the Jade Stone Chinese Restaurant, Mandela Avenue, Georgetown.

 It was noted that at about 00:30 hrs on Friday August 07, Fei Su was confronted in her home above the restaurant by a group of men who assaulted her and took away an undisclosed sum of money.
On checking later, she found the body of her husband downstairs on the kitchen floor with chop wounds to his head. His feet were tied and his mouth gagged.


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  2. why these people always talk of the 23 years of the ppp civic some of the people in government were not the best to say the least but Guyana economy was doing better than most countries of the world ,people who think government would step into your lives and make it better should wake up have a job or be selfemployed if the economy grows and security for the people are ok i would find honest ways to make the economy work for me most of the problems come because of weak broken and single parent household who were not thought hard work or good ethics i would never have a hard time in guyana especially if i live in the countryside


  4. Gary please leave Mahajackass alone,,he is just one of the many Peepeepee RUM JUMBIES,,he cant comprehend the lawless we had for 23 yrs is going to take tome to clean up,beginning with the criminals that were in top offices who stole millions,,we will rid Guyana of all the lawlessness,,,

  5. Did you read they’re were planning to increase their travel allowance, hotel, meals etc by over 150%. Maybe you missed it because you are too obsessed with defending them. Let’s not start off by condoning wrong doing with Granger and gang.

  6. you must have sleepwalked through the 23 years of the corrupt murderous rule under the ppp government and that is the reason for thinking that “guyana just now became a lawless state” or yuh eyes buss?

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  8. The emergency meeting was to discuss how much salary increase they will get,the security minister cant secure his own house in berbice from bandits so how will he secure us not even God knows.

  9. It only took five minutes to respond because the police station is around the corner, and still after such a quick response, no one including the security guard next door heard or saw anything. This is sad especially because they have a security patrol that drives up and down Mandela Ave from 6 pm to 6 am everyday. Wake up Guys.

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  11. This is too much now.The government had an emergency meeting few weeks ago to address the issue of crime. It has all gone quiet. It’s just talk talk. I am really scared of that place. I know there is crime everywhere but Guyana is too much for me. One lawless society. Not even safe in your own home. Imagine that.

  12. Did you read that the ministers has squash minister’s raise, just saying maybe you miss that bit of information Maharanee….let’s not start this you know for 23 years of all the wrong doings of the PEE PEE PEE. has done to Guyana.

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  15. Georgetown-Guyana Is Now In A State Of Lawlessness.

    Criminals roam the streets, alleyways, and byways, day and night, killing, raping, and maiming fellow citizens.

    This surge of Crime and Criminal activities was either pre-empted, or just criminals who want to show the David Granger administration, that they can do as the feel, regardless of who is in charge.

    I strongly suggest that the FULL Force of our Police and other Security Services be brought to bear on this cancer within out midst.

    “And Spare No Ammo On These Thugs.”

  16. And the crime wave continues while the govt gives its ministers exorbitant raises in allowances for foreign travel, hotel, meals etc. Put the money in economic stimulus and fighting crime and school children.


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