Residents’ account of Diamond shooting contradicts Police: Men were shot and killed in businessman’s yard


By Kurt Campbell

The shattered vehicle. [iNews' Photo]
The shattered vehicle. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Residents of Diamond, more specifically Golden Grove, East Bank Demerara said that Saturday night’s ‘standoff’ between police and suspected bandits in the area have now thrown them into a state of despondency.

Police claim that acting on information received, they nabbed two men who were about to commit a robbery on a miner, who has been identified as Ravi Dookram. They said that ranks staked out the area where the incident was planned for (businessman’s home) when just after 22:00 they saw two men approaching on foot.

Police claim that the men first shot at them and they returned fire killing the duo.

However, on a visit to the area on Sunday, December 8, iNews observed that there was blood in the yard of the businessman and there was also a vehicle parked under the house with its back windshield shattered.

One resident said she saw police removing the bodies from the yard which means that the men were killed in the yard. The yard is however, surrounded by a fence which is approximately 10 feet in height with barb wires lining the top. Additionally, the house is guarded by one or more ferocious dogs.

The blood stained yard of the businessman. [iNews' Photo]
The blood stained yard of the businessman. [iNews’ Photo]
“After the shooting I couldn’t sleep back, so I was peeping at the window to see what was going on and I see they bring out two bodies around two this morning, but I couldn’t hear anything,” the resident told iNews.

Residents questioned how the men gained entry to the premises and speculated that the men may have been known to the businessman. One woman even went as far as to question whether it was the police who really shot and killed the men.

One woman said the family of six inclusive of the businessman, his wife, three children and brother would hardly talk to persons in the area and kept themselves isolated.

The businessman’s immediate neighbour did confirm police presence at the scene on the first sound of gunfire. Another neighbour said the shooting lasted for approximately 20 minutes.

One relative at the house claimed that the businessman was not at home. Calls to his phone were also rejected by relatives who claimed he was indisposed.

Police say a .38 snub-nose revolver with two live rounds and two spent shells. Along with one 9mm. round and two 7.62×39 rounds were recovered from the scene.

The house where the shootout occurred. [iNews' Photo]
The house where the shootout occurred. [iNews’ Photo]
One of the men has been identified as Paul Bascom known as “Shine Buck” of Diamond Housing Scheme while his accomplice has not yet been identified.

Residents say this is the first such incident in that area and expressed fear going forward into the future.

“Well this is the first such incident around here, you don’t hear these things, I was scared and still is scared… this is the closet I ever come to gunshots.”

Residents despite their objections to police reports did commend ranks for their swift response.



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