Providence man shot during home invasion


robbery[] – Forty – six – year old Gowkarran Rampersaud is nursing a gunshot wound to his left foot following a robbery at his New Providence Scheme, East Bank Demerara home this morning.

A police report noted that at about 2:30 hrs on Sunday, June 28, two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun, entered the home of Rampersaud, through an open door and held him at gunpoint.

They demanded cash and valuables but after not getting anything significant to them they shot the victim to his left foot and escaped. Rampersaud has been admitted to hospital.



  1. Most of the scums have guns. Why more businessman can’t have guns to protect themselves and their family? Why should business people depend on cops who always show up late?

  2. Its time for action, somebody should be sent home, top heads should be rolling, why do we have a COP and a minister,,,come on

  3. Sandy how is it that it will get better when de new president releasing bandit, what is de message he sending to de nation,

  4. Really this is becoming too much. Almost every day someone is being shot out there. I just wonder is it ever going to get better


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