Protestor outside AG’s Office taken into Police Custody

Courtney Crum – Ewing during one of his many protests.


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Courtney Crum – Ewing
Courtney Crum – Ewing

[] – The lone protestor outside the Office of the Attorney General, Courtney Crum-Ewing was taken into custody today, Thursday December 11 at the Brickdam Police Station for allegedly breaching the ‘peace.’

For several weeks now, the former soldier has been peacefully protesting in front the AG’s Chambers, calling for him to resign, following the revelation of a taped telephone conversation between Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall and Kaieteur News’ Reporter, Leonard Gildarie.

Crum-Ewing was taken into custody at about 10:30 hours and was placed in handcuffs at the Police Station up to the time this story was published. When iNews spoke to him via telephone he explained that he was not told why he was detained and whether he will be charged.

“The ranks at the Brickdam Police station are waiting for instructions from upstairs, they keep pointing upstairs, I don’t know who is upstairs, but they keep saying they are waiting for instructions; it’s in connection with breach of peace…and some kind of noise incident was reported,” Crum – Ewing said.

According to the protestor, “I have been out there over a month and I have been conducting my protest action the same way every day; I didn’t do anything today that I haven’t done before…there is a police there that monitors my protest action every day, he comes out in the morning and leaves after I would have left. He came to me and said he got a call from Brickdam and he was told to accompany me to the station, so we got into my vehicle and we drove here and I have been here since.”

Crum – Ewing was held for questioning on December 05 at the Brickdam Police Station for using the washroom in the compound of the Attorney General.




  1. He must have served under Granger in the army and still serving. All these people benefits from state fund but are not thankful.

  2. DNA testing will be done on Mr. Ewing, to determine what and what he is/was involved in/with. We must not be surprise when we read about this guy history.
    Andrew we will know everything about you too.
    Questions, please! How was Mr. Ewing can afford such a nice motor car ?
    Who is paying him to protest? How much is he being paid ? Who is his employer ?
    Mr. Ewing, made some very, very strong and bold statements. During his fourth day of protest he was heard talking to Felix. We all know of Felix plans to over throw the PPP Government. The recorded conversations of Felix and Willi is available on the internet. I strongly suggest we all Google those conversations and take a listen.

  3. I don’t have a problem with the man’s peaceful protest. I also don’t know what you are referring to when you say PPP is raping guyana and I don’t see a problem when the police peacefully engage the public. The entire situation was incident free. He is only one man in 750,000 guyanese, democratically he lost the battle to ask the minister to step down.

  4. If you feel insecure then you can also call up the police and report that someone is in front of your premises making you feel insecure. I don’t know if anyone call the police on this individual and even if that is true then there would be a report at the station and the police would take action based on that report.

  5. What is harrasing about asking the man to go to the police station? Did the police beat the man and trow him in a pickup and then take him to the station. The man even give the police a lift to the station. The man willingly went. You are trying to twist everything just like the opposition trying to twist everything.

  6. The ppp blogger is just like the pee pee pee,in PARK,,all they care about is raping the country ,,jail and gay will be on the streets soon,just after election,,when they get the boots out,,time is near, its so sad when you think a simple man who is fed up being arrested , for what , talking and exposing the facts,,the pace need to be taken to the homes of these criminals, they will be out very soon

  7. what this fella seh he doing? protesting in front de people place,running in and out of deh washroom de whole day ,dirtying up de people place with he filth and not cleaning it etc. this fella must learn to ease he bowels first thing in de marning when he get up, clear he bladder and then go out and find some wuk to do. de police must watch he closely to see if he carrying any brown paper bag with he, otherwise is big trouble when he disappear.

  8. Abuse of power by the police with instructions from Nandlall and freedom house.
    Soon the paid ppp bloggers will come and try to defend this with some Agricola protest thing.

  9. That is how the PPP/C want to harass people who want to protest their vile and disgusting behavior. Keep the protest up my fellow. Stay the course and keep the pressure up. You are getting to them. Every time they harass you the news paper will print it. This is just one more method they are using to try to stifle opposition. And the cookie crumbles more and more. 31st day of PPP/C one party dictatorship rule of Guyana. Do Not Forget.

  10. the legal authorities must take a serious look at this nut bag..
    the one who paying him to do this might step it and pay him to do some thing more sinister..the pay master already killed someone but now that he is not a low life and he get rich and powerful be might pay to get things taken care of..


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