Prisoner hangs self at Lethem police lock-ups


hanging-suicide.gif w=500[] Thirty-six year-old Roy Bovell was found hanging from the grill of the Tapatinga, Lethem Police lock-ups on Sunday April 12. 

A police media release stated that Bovell’s body was discovered at around 8:00 hours. The man was reportedly alive up to 06: 15 hours today.

Bovell was the only prisoner in the lock-ups at the time and had been arrested at about 19: 45 hours on Saturday April 11, at Tapatinga after he was found in possession of 60 grams of cannabis sativa (marijuana).

His body is at the Lethem Hospital Mortuary.

The Police Office of Professional Responsibility is conducting investigations into the matter.




  1. wonder if hes a social or political activist for pnc so they could blame the ppp police for killing him..he might have forget to get his piece of cardboard cut up and write on it “yes to democracy and no to nandalall” boom and when u die pnc draped you in guyana flag


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