PPP Member of Parliament charged for dangerous driving


fff[www.inewsguyana.com] – Member of Parliament for the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) and General Secretary of the Guyana Rice Producers Association, Dharamkumar Seeraj, was on Wednesday charged at the Fort Wellington Magistrate’s Court for Dangerous Driving.

Seeraj attended Court along with his Attorney, Former Minister of Education Priya Manickchand to answer to the charge before Magistrate Rhondel Weaver.

The facts of the charge allege that Seeraj drove motor vehicle PMM 5895 in a manner dangerous to the public on the Bath West Coast Berbice public road to which Seeraj entered a not guilty plea.

However, his Attorney at told the court that should he be granted bail, there is no doubt that her client won’t attend court.
She explained that Seeraj is a MP, has a fixed place of abode at Eccles East Bank Demerara and has been cooperating with the police since the incident.

She explained further that after the accident he was the one who summoned the police to the scene and reported the incident.
She also argued further that he was informed late on Tuesday afternoon of him having to be in court and presented himself.
Police prosecution had no objection and Magistrate Weaver granted bail at the sum of $40,000 Guyana dollars.

He is expected to return to court on the October 29, 2015.
Inews gathered that, Seeraj was driving on the Bath public road heading in the direction of New Amsterdam when he collided with another vehicle lost control and slammed into a parked truck.

No serious injuries were sustained by either of the parties.



  1. Yo yo these gov bloggers are well program to blast PPP and blame them for all negative .. According to them ppppp are not people ..PPP work and fix Guyana ..now was the time for them to boosted Guyana to a excellence level ..Guyanese was push and force to relive the night mare of the 70ts and 80ts .. God help Guyana please

  2. Kaieteur News reported September 30 that the MP abandoned the vehicle and had to be contacted by the police. This account says he contacted the police. Just another case of high-profiled drunken driving that will end in settlement. Two weeks ago, another driver got 8 years for vehicular manslaughter; no settlement.

  3. You said it all ms Valesha. To err is human which is sometimes unavoidable and we make amends to correct the same…But in the eyes of these granger supporters P.P.P ministers are Robot who should never get into trouble.Every negative action is hastily highlited but that of pnc is pushed behind black clouds.

  4. You have your FAXES all mixed up,Walter own brother said he new he was playing with a BOMB, so sorry when you play with fire the end result are simple. The Important investigation should be The minister and his family and all killing done under PPP watch,tell us about BUTCHER who worked for R KHAN, he is the father of the police that was just killed, talk about the youths he and others alleged murdered, karma is a bitch

  5. Max and Burnham….you all see little aspects of the PPP MPs when they do something wrong…I agree any wrong should be brought to justice…however, why did Granger dissolve the investigation of walter roodney? Maybe because he is afraid the truth will be revealed that the PNC administration assassinate him?The whole of Guyana know they killed walter roodney. In fact, that crook Hamilton Green should also be in Jail…he poison his wife on her birthday and cremated her! Since when does christian cremate? Please spare the pubic of you all PNC drama and get on with it….mosses and Rum jattan are dunces…..someone ask moses to make a sign board, instead of “No Potatoes” this clown wrong “No Alu”….send him back to ABC classes.

  6. Glen lall case was another failure of justice to the victims family, its your IDALS that covered it up,,,,,,LAWLESSNESS under Barrat, PRIVATE PARTY PREVENTION, you fools can only blog what you are told,,1 free laptop controlled by K McCOW,,,

  7. MAXXFAX I agree with you. Freedom house supposed to report and talk about every accident, incident and crime just like how them talk about how Glen Lall murder and was charged with nothing.


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