Porter jailed for threatening woman with broken bottle

Arlon France


Arlon France
Arlon France

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A porter was today sentenced to four months imprisonment after he forcefully made a woman lay on the ground while he stood over her with a broken bottle.

Arlon France pleaded guilty to the offence, which took place on November 16 at McKenzie Linden. He is also accused of using threatening language to the victim, Paulette Powell.

On the day in question, the victim was going through her normal exercise routine when the 28 – year – old defendant approached her with a broken bottle in his hand and ordered her to lay on the ground.

After she complied, she held onto his hand and a scuffle ensued which resulted in the bottle falling on the road.

Upon seeing this, Powell ran to the police station and the man was arrested.

France apologized to the court before he was given the four months sentence.



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