Police undergo riot/public disorder training ahead of looming elections


By Leroy Smith

police[www.inewsguyana.com] – Continuous training for members of the Guyana Police Force to deal with almost any eventuality remains high on the priority agenda of Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud and his senior officers.

Yesterday, iNew was invited by the force to view one of its twice weekly training exercises comprising of Tactical Service Unit (TUS) ranks who have been receiving training to respond to riots and other public disorder and unlawful gathering.

At present there are thirty four ranks taking part in the ongoing training at various levels under the Riot Unit Public Order squad of the TSU on the Drill Square of the Guyana Police Force Headquarters Eve Leary.

Yesterday’s training was conducted under the watchful eyes of Officer in Charge, Errol Watts and several other officers who were present in the compound at the time.

The training witnessed by iNews showed that the ranks were going through routines on how to confront the members of the public on the picket line and who are part of riots and demonstrations with little or no force at all.

Of importance during the training was the manner in which ranks, who were are expected to be on the front line of any eventuality where the public order is disrupted, were being trained to confront the often hostile crowd. The approach the police practiced in their stimulus exercise was a non-violent one.police ce

Two months ago iNews had stumbled on a similar exercise which was being conducted in the Police ‘A’ Division Headquarters. When contacted then, A Division Commander Hicken clarified that the men were not being trained as a result of elections talks which are in the air.

Over the years the Guyana Police have been receiving unfavorable reviews with respect to the handling of the disbursing of unlawful gathering and congregations. The police, through the Ministry of Home Affairs, procured a Water Cannon which purchase had been criticized by several persons.

Of recent the Guyana Police Force has been working to revolutionize the entire Force and its approach in dealing with members of the public on every single front.

The initiative has been commended by members of the business community and several other persons who have been offering their support to the police publically both in writing and monetary contributions.




  1. Happened during Burnham’s time too and we did not hear, we continued to fight till democracy returned, the same thing will happen now, you can shoot so much and no more.


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