Police left 15 – year – old to die – Relatives


By Kurt Campbell

Archer’s Grandmother, Rosaline Giddings. [iNews' Photo]
Archer’s Grandmother, Rosaline Giddings. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Relatives of dead 15 – year – old, Jamal Archer has lashed out at ranks of the Guyana Police Force for neglecting to attend to the teen, who they claimed was alive when police arrived at the scene of the accident.

Archer, who would have celebrated his 16th birthday on Sunday, March 16 died after the vehicle he was travelling in slammed into a utility pole on the Goed Fortuin Public Road at about 04:00hrs Tuesday morning (March 11).

Archer’s Grandmother, Rosaline Giddings told iNews that she received information from eyewitnesses that the police took the other occupants of the car to the hospital and left the West Demerara Secondary School Student who was most critical, pronouncing him dead at the accident scene, without any medical attention.

Dead: 15 - year - old Jamal Archer.
Dead: 15 – year – old Jamal Archer.

She claimed her grandson was left in the vehicle for over one hour before relatives were forced to remove him and take him to the hospital, where he was officially pronounced dead upon arrival.

“They could have saved his life because he was still living, one woman said when she told the police that the boy was alive he said leave him to die, he’s wanted,” Giddings cried, adding that “I know he bad, he mannish, he does misbehave but I never know he was wanted… how can they make the claim without medical assistance.”

Relatives contended that regardless of who Archer was, or even if he was wanted, it is the duty of the Police to render assistance and expressed disappointment and outrage at their alleged response.

Giddings speculated that her grandson whom she raised after his mother passed away years ago may have left the house to go and buy mosquito coil when he met his untimely demise.

The utility pole which the car slammed into. [iNews' Photo]
The utility pole which the car slammed into. [iNews’ Photo]
According to police reports, investigations have revealed that the motor vehicle was proceeding along the roadway, allegedly at a fast rate, when the driver lost control and the car slammed into the utility pole.

The police have not identified the driver of the vehicle, and relatives could not ascertain either. What is known is that the other two occupants of the vehicle were admitted to the West Demerara Regional Hospital.

The driver is in police custody assisting with the investigations. Archer leaves to morn his 13 – year – old sister and his 15 – year – old brother.



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