Police Force records 16% decrease in serious crimes


The Guyana Police Force has announced that, when compared to the period of January 2015- November 2015, this year has shown a 16% decrease in serious crimes throughout the country.

“There was a break-even in reports of murder, with a clear up rate of 64%; a 6% decrease in robbery under arms where firearms were used with a 15% clear up rate; a 17% decrease in armed robberies where other instruments were used by the perpetrators with a clear up rate of 23%; a 25% decrease in robbery with violence, with a 27% clear up rate; a 9% decrease in robbery with aggravation with a 32% clear up rate; a 14%% decrease in robberies where no instruments were used with a 8% clear up rate; a 32% decrease in larceny from the person with a 24% clear up rate. Additionally, there was a 21% decrease in rape with a 31% clear up rate; a 20% decrease in break and enter and larceny with a 20% clear up rate and a 12% decrease in burglary with an 18% clear up rate,” the GPF stated.

Furthermore, it was stated that ninety-six (96) unlicensed firearms were taken off the streets by the police for the reporting month. This included 42 pistols, 28 revolvers and 2 rifles.

According to the GPF, the continuous monthly reduction in serious crimes is nothing but a testimony that the excellent collaboration among the many stakeholders and the public at large, coupled with the strategies employed by the Force, have been yielding positive results.

There was mention that the exposure to training both locally and internationally, continues to be a top priority at all levels of the Force.

In respect to traffic management, the Force noted that there was an 11% increase in fatal accidents.

“We have recorded 115 fatalities at the end of November, compared to 112 for the same period last year. However, there were decreases in serious and minor accidents but an increase in damage accidents.”

Additionally, it was highlighted that 65,357 persons were charged with traffic offences, for the year so far.

In a break down provided, 24,276 persons were charged for speeding, 3,416 for breach of condition of road service license/music, 2721 for driving under the influence of alcohol,  1,272 for using cell phones while driving, 1,236 for breach of Traffic Light Signal, 1,211 for Tinted Motor vehicles, 1,555 for Unlicensed driving, 2,622 for failure to wear seat belt, 1,355 for dangerous driving, 1,205 for  careless driving, 1,129 for failing to wear safety helmet, 2,737 for overloading mini-bus, 1,881 for obstruction, 2,009 for failing to conform to signs, 1,764 for crossing double yellow line, and other offences totaling 14,968.

In one of his recent press conferences, Former President and now Opposition Leader Dr Bharrat Jagdeo stated that the APNU/AFC administration is not doing enough to battle the crime situation in Guyana, contending that regardless of what is being reported by the GPF, the “crime situation has never been this bad.”

Jagdeo stated: “It has never been this bad…people are robbing hospitals, they went into two hotels, when you start going into hotels, then that sends a strong signal to (tourists). If criminals can go to a hotel and rob it; soon they may go to funeral parlours, who knows…”



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