Police Force promises ‘incident free’ mash; warns against criminal activities


By Kurt Campbell

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Senior Officers of the Guyana Police Force were on Thursday (February 20) spotted earmarking the usual spot along Church Street where they will set up a temporary outpost from which Mash activities will be coordinated on February 23.

Almost 300 ranks are said to be on the road in two shifts throughout the day, starting from 08:00hrs to monitor the day’s activities. They will consist of ranks doing general duties, ranks in plain clothes and others on patrols in Georgetown and its outskirts.

Criminal elements who are contemplating capitalizing on the uniqueness of the celebration which brings thousands of people from their homes onto the streets of Georgetown are being warned against same, lest they are caught and prosecuted.

According to Commander of the A Division, George Vyphuis the Force is looking forward to an incident free Mash. He said the entire route from Church Street into Irving Street, Thomas Lands to the National Park will be cordoned off.

The Senior Officers who were seen on the ground said they are looking to maintain the highest level of security and emphasized that patrols will be active outside of Georgetown too.

“We have done it before and we are prepared to work long hours to maintain safety even at the after mash events slated for that day,” one Officer said.

In relation to traffic, special consideration will be granted to persons who reside in areas where the parade will pass through but is being urged to run all errands before 10:00hrs when the route will be entirely closed off.

Persons are also being asked not to park along the route, in any manner that will cause obstruction or hindrance to others. Of utmost priority is that drivers ensure they not drink and drive, exceeding both the prescribed amount and speed limit.

“We want an accident free mash, and we will be looking for those persons and if found they will be prosecuted.”



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