Police defend, chronicle investigation into abduction, murder of Car Dealer

Undertakers prepare to remove the body of murdered businessman, Rajendra Singh.
Undertakers prepare to remove the body of murdered businessman, Rajendra Singh.

[www.inewsguyana.com] The Guyana Police Force has publicly detailed its investigation spanning the period car dealer Rajendra Singh was kidnapped, held captive and later killed, in an attempt to refute an article published in one section of the media.

The Force firstly denied that at any time during the course of the ongoing investigations did ranks receive any information that Singh was being held in an abandoned house at Goedverwagting, East Coast Demerara.

Interestingly, the Force admitted that they received information, three days after the man was snatched from in front his Foulis business place, East Coast Demerara that he was in a house in the Goedverwagting Squatting area.

“On the very Tuesday the police received information that the kidnap victim was in a house in the Goedverwagting Squatting area and searches were conducted on the target house and two others in the squatting area, as well as an abandoned ice factory at Claybrick Road, Goedverwagting. However, nothing of evidential value was found,” a statement noted.

The Guyana Police Force reiterated that at no time was information received stating that Singh was being held in an abandoned house at Goedverwagting or that he was being removed from the location in a white mini-bus.

Police said during the ongoing investigations and based on information received, a number of buildings were searched in the Goedverwagting area, but no abandoned house was searched.

“The well-placed sources who allegedly have given the information about the abandoned house at Goedverwagting to the Stabroek News did not pass such information to the police.”

The Force defended ranks stating that they acted professionally, and are continuing to do so, in keeping with its operational procedures, in the investigations into the kidnapping and murder of businessman Rajendra Singh.

Six men are in police custody and the police have received an extension of their time in custody until Wednesday, in order to continue with the investigations.

Police recalled that in responding to a report received, Singh’s motor vehicle was recovered on the railway embankment at Goedverwagting on the very night of his kidnapping, Saturday April 5.

“As a result, intensive patrols comprising police ranks and community policing personnel were mounted in the Goedverwagting area, but no useful information was obtained nor was anything suspicious seen or found” police said in a statement.

The statement further noted that the following day, the patrols continued and were extended to Plaisance and Sparendaam, including the squatting areas. The police said based on information received a house at Bel Air, Georgetown and one at Yarrowkabra on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway were searched; a woman was arrested at Yarrowkabra and subsequently released.

The statement added that On Monday April 07, consequent upon information received the police conducted searches on four houses of the relatives of a family at Plaisance but nothing of evidential value was found.

The next day, Tuesday, further searches were conducted on the same four homes in addition to a fifth home belonging to another family member, also at Plaisance but again nothing suspicious was found.

Singh was found Wednesday morning (April 09) with a gunshot wound to the head and his hands tied behind his back in the Le Repentir Cemetery, Georgetown.




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