Police continue search for escapees of Dazelle robbery; reports surface of larger gang operations

The house in which the bandit was shot dead. [iNews' Photo]
The dead teen bandit, Leon McCurdy.
The dead teen bandit, Leon McCurdy.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Fifteen – year – old Leon McCurdy of La Penitence, Georgetown is reportedly a part of a group based in Kitty, Georgetown which is said to be in the habit of conducting armed robberies and other crimes in villages outside of Georgetown.

McCurdy, who is now dead, was shot in the home of a businessman last week after he along with two others invaded the premises.

A source informed iNews that McCurdy would usually meet his fellow members at a hot spot in Kitty where they would sit and plan their activities. The activities would be planned even as the members smoke their marijuana, sometimes behind closed doors or in public.

Following the shooting of the teen, the police were able to determine his identity immediately. Shortly after the shooting, the police raced to the Kitty hot spot where the alleged bandit and his accomplices would usually hang out. The police cornered and arrested several young men who were present at the location and took them down for questioning in an apparent move to determine who the other two bandits were that managed to escape from the crime scene.

iNews was also informed that in the past, the police were called in many times and were forced to conduct searches and detain several characters who would frequent the spot which is popularly known for harboring young men that would have recently exited the school (secondary) system.

The source who spoke with iNews on condition of anonymity explained that the gang would not carry out their criminal activities and robberies on person who live in that community or other communities within Georgetown.

They have adopted the approach of heading out of town to commit their robberies which are most times carried out with the use of firearms and sharp instruments.

The source explained that it’s Standard Operating Procedures for the members to carry out their crimes in that fashion since it is unlikely that they will bump into their victims on day to day basis if they are from out of town communities as against those living in Georgetown.

Meanwhile, the police are continuing their hunt for the other two bandits who were able to escape after robbing Eon Evans who operates a grocery shop in the Dazelle Housing Scheme, East Coast of Demerara.



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