Police Analyst chides PSC as force unveils Christmas Policing Plan


By Kurt Campbell

Police Analyst[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Police Force’s Policy Analyst on Crime Leroy Dodson has called for amplified cooperation between the private sector and the Force in an effort curb criminal activities.

Dodson made the comment during a presentation on Monday, November 11 at the Police Officers Mess, Eve Leary where the annual Christmas Policing Plan 2013 was unveiled.

He is of the view that the Private Sector Commission (PSC) and the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) are not as cooperative as they should be and suggests improved partnerships can yield significant results in relation to fighting crime.

“The Private Sector Commission is known for hitting the rooftop whenever a crime is committed on one of their business,” he said adding that “we need more from them… not ad-hoc, selfish and shortsighted … we need more long-term partnership.”

Dodson went onto reiterate calls for the PSC, GCCI and all Chambers of Commerce to encourage their customers to go ‘plastic’ as an alternative form of financial transactions. This he reiterated can go a far way in reducing crime.

He also sought to encourage the formulation of better bank transactions, particularly the transportation of cash and implored the use of banks for storage of same.

“We will do our part” he said.


Christmas Policing Plan 2013

There is no doubt that whenever there is increased commercialism, the threat for and the instances of criminal activities also increase.

As such, in keeping with its annual practice the Guyana Police Force has shaped yet another massive plan to ensure that during the Christmas season (December 15 – January 15) the incidents of criminal activities the season brings with it is kept at its minimum, something Police Analyst Leroy Dodson believes the force has done well in the past in.

Dotson firstly suggests that businesses and individuals have a responsibility to ensure that they reduce the instances of making themselves targets for the commissioning of crimes.

The 2013 plan deals extensively with ‘A’ Division which according to statistics accounts for 54% of serious crimes resulting from the enormous economic activities that takes place in the Capital City- Georgetown.

Among the hotspot areas identified by police are Ruimveldt, Kitty, Brickdam and East La Penitence. Statistics also show, contrary to popular belief that crimes are committed on individuals and residential areas rather than on businesses.

As such, persons are being urged not to display excessive jewelry, cash and smart phones, walk in groups, use vehicles instead of walking in streets, particularly lonely and dark streets and protect their premises during this season.

“Public Security is a shared responsibility… police can’t do it alone” one Officer remarked.

From the Force’s end, increased visibility of (uniformed/plain clothes) ranks in the streets is promised.

Derrick Josiah ‘A’ Division Commander in outlining the intensified policing arrangement for the Christmas holidays both in his division and the six others said his division has been broken up into five sectors. He also promises heighten special operations by ranks of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

Places of business and residential areas will also see increased vehicle and foot patrols and police booths will be set-up at strategic locations to operate both in the day and at nights.

Josiah expressed concern however, over what he says is an inadequacy in the amount of human resource needed to do the job. When comparing the work done by law enforcement in 2011 and 2012 Josiah said there has been a 9% decrease in the instances of criminal activity during the period Dec 15 – Jan 15.

In relation to traffic arrangements for the season, police say they will be clamping down on touts and loud music in minibuses.

Special attention will be given to deterring potential errant drivers and drinking and driving. Drivers are also asked to look out for changes of no entry and one way street intended to ease congested traffic flows.

Persons are also being urged to desist from using explosives. According to police anyone caught selling or buying explosives will be arrested and fined.

The police boast of quick response to criminal activities during the season.



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