Pit Bulls maul woman to death

The Pit Bulls locked inside the yard. [iNews' Photo]

The Pit Bulls locked inside the yard. [iNews' Photo]
The Pit Bulls locked inside the yard. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Fifty – One – year old Joan Carter died today [Tuesday, August 05] after she was viciously attacked by two Pit Bulls at her Lamaha Springs home.

Relatives told iNews that the woman was found dead on her knees by her Brother – in – Law. The man said from all appearances, Carter tried to make back into the house, but the dogs got to her first.

iNews’ reporter, Tracey Khan – Drakes is at the scene and will provide more details shortly.




  1. If a domesticated animal is trained by its owner to attack other people ..it will one day turn on its own…

  2. My condolences to the family of the deceased. I must say I disagree with GRAY, I have four Pitbulls and anyone can come in my yard and play with them, anytime.(open invitation, seriously ) We need to stop blaming the breed. Again person need to be more responsible. If you have an uncontrollable dog, take precautions or put the dog down. Speaking from a wealth of experience, I have had pitbulls for 15 years now and never had treats to me or my family. It is evident in the owner’s statement that the woman is not known by the dogs, however when him and his wife is around they never interfere with the woman. This is out of respect for the owners. dogs are pack animals, most dogs see the owner as the leader and provider. when the leader is not around other pack members step up, taking on responsibility of leading. it is called the ‘pecking order’. And this is so throughout the animal kingdom, like for humans when our parents go out/away we are in charge.

  3. so so sad she was begging for her life and the dog showed no mercy , is this a loving pet? it should be band now , not one more incident like this must repeat itself in this country

  4. how many more must be mauled or killed before action is taken against these feral animals? soon you’ll hear is not the dogs ‘ fault ,how they are gentle loving friendly animals.while this may be true ,their behavior point to a dr Jekyll mr hyde personality.to be on the safe side,ban them altogether.

  5. its the owners fault…these dogs are loving jus how u raise them like any other dog…..ive had pitbulls already wen i was young lad n they were the best….. killin an animal is murder dou like the madness them jackass ppl did the ada day…………sad the woman died..bt when u dt knw how to handle animals its a pity hav to be a reason for the attack…


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