Pit Bull owner hospitalized under police guard

One of the Pit Bulls with blood around his mouth. [iNews' Photo]


By Leroy Smith

The Pit Bulls locked inside the yard. [iNews' Photo]
The Pit Bulls locked inside the yard. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com]– Hours after his two Pit Bull Dogs mauled his sister-in-law to death, Leslie Thomside was admitted to the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital with high blood pressure on Tuesday afternoon [August 05].

Sources close to the investigation told iNews that after the man was taken into police custody, he complained of feeling unwell and requested to be taken to the hospital where doctors immediately requested that he be admitted for treatment and observation.

Fifty – One – year old Joan Carter died after she was viciously attacked by the two Pit Bulls, owned by Thomside at the Lamaha Springs home.

The man is being held at the hospital under police guard. Crime Chief Leslie James told iNews that the matter is being investigated and that charges will depend on the findings of the investigation.

According to the Crime Chief, the police and Thomside are looking to have the animals removed from the home.



  1. If a Pit Bull attacks a human, it has tasted blood. It must be put down.
    There must be adequate laws to ban such animals.


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