Pathologist among team for Port Kaituma today

The scene of the fire, in which the mother and her two children are believed to have burnt to death. [iNews Citizen Reporter's Photo]
Fire Chief, Marlon Gentle.
Fire Chief, Marlon Gentle.

[] – A government pathologist, criminal and fire investigators will be heading into Port Kaituma today (Sunday, March 16) to complement the on-going investigations into the fiery death of a woman and her four children on Friday night.

During an interview with iNews (, Fire Chief Marlon Gentle informed that his department would have requested of the Crime Chief, accommodation for fire fighters to travel to the area along with police personnel.

Gentle said that based on his information, the man who set the building on fire intended to completely destroy it hence his use of enough fuel.

Meanwhile, the residents and business community in the area came in for high praises from the Fire Chief who pointed out that the residents contained the blaze and prevented it from spreading to other buildings.

“You have to give it to those guys, they did a good job,” the Fire Chief said.

Port Kaituma does not have a Fire Service. 



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