Palm Court shooter freed of murder charge

Andre Gomes. [iNews' Photo]

Andre Gomes. [iNews' Photo]
Andre Gomes. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The murder charge against a license firearm holder, who fired shots indiscriminately outside the Palm Court night club, killing a man, was withdrawn on Tuesday by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP).

Andre Gomes, called ‘Zip’, was accused of the murder of Nigel Isaacs of Roxanne Burnham Gardens, Georgetown, who was shot in the head on May 10.

During his court appearance on Tuesday, June 09 before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry, Police Prosecutor Bharat Mangru informed the Court that the charge has been withdrawn against Gomes.

Mangru said based on the advice from the DPP, there is insufficient evidence against Gomes to proceed with the allegation; he is now a free man. During Gomes’ first appearance in court, he was not required to plead to the indictable offence, which alleged that on May 10 at Middle Street, Cummingsburg, he murdered 49-year-old Isaacs.

Gomes was arrested after the spent shell recovered from the crime scene matched his gun. The allegations surrounding his arrest stated that at approximately 00:25 hrs on Sunday, May 10, the driver of HB 4024 accidentally collided with motor car PPP 7994 that was parked in Main Street, Georgetown.

Gomes, who was in the vicinity, confronted the driver and discharged several rounds in his direction. The rounds missed the driver and Isaacs of Guyhoc Gardens, Georgetown was struck to his head.

The injured man was admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where he succumbed.




  1. This is utterly shameful. Shame on the DPP and the police prosecutor. How can there not be sufficient evidence when the suspect was at the crime scene, with his firearm, and the bullet matches that of his firearm as well?? A life is taken and it hs been found worth nothing. Disgraceful.

  2. How this man get license fire arm in the first place .
    this man back ground should me made public for all to see.
    There will be many more license fire arm holder like him i am sure. The police force and the DPP needs to be investigated.

  3. Just like that a life was taken, and no one is responsible. What about manslaughter. This f$$$ing DPP needs to go.

  4. Ok, murder charges were dropped. Isn’t there a charge for illegally discharging a fire arm and causing death by recklessness. C’mon!

  5. Often ppl talk about BRIBE, this is a very clear case, somebody bank acc looking very nice, the COP should be asked to go to hell

  6. Why not free all the ppl in JAIL? Have their charges withdrawn, same shot different day,he got the same contact like Blondy,,,roger khan bit!!h. And the shooter that was caught on CCTV,,,HAHA. Lol

  7. Wow what – a f,,,,joke nice nice nice,,,justice for all,,,,in the first place what is a known criminal drug king pin doing with a license firearm HA HA,,,it was expected,,,,


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