Owner of ‘Turning Point’ Sports Bar shot during invasion


crime scene[www.inewsguyana.com] – It was chaos at the ‘Turning Point’ Sports Bar last night when the owner, Colin McEwan, known as ‘Fat Man’ was shot by gunmen who invaded his premises located in South Ruimveldt, Georgetown.

McEwan has since been hospitalized with several gunshot wounds. iNews was reliably informed that the incident occurred while patrons were enjoying themselves and playing dominoes.

According to reports, three gunmen entered the premises and opened fire at the owner, who then returned fire at the men, despite being shot. Eyewitnesses reported that McEwan ran on the road, pleading for help before collapsing.

The gunmen escaped and the wounded man was eventually rushed to the hospital, where he remains in a stable condition.




  1. Firstly, the shooting occurred in Charleston. A fair way from Tucville. I find it ridiculous that the reporter(s) could miss that fact. And yes we seem to be dealing with young men who feel fearless

  2. A stop HAS to be put to this crime spree which has been going on for far too long. No sense in ‘rejoicing’ as some bloggers tend to do. I say, appoint Mr David Ramnarine as Commissioner of Police, and for sure, all this crime spree will dry up. Trust me.

  3. My Article on word press I wrote a few days ago talks about this same thing, if the moderator would allow this people could see some very good points on Violence in Guyana, but then that would be promoting my article and not theirs which they should have written, I am just trying to get a point across to the world about the violence in Guyana

  4. This has become just a way of life in Guyana. Business people needs better protection. And the police have to do more to go after the criminals as most of the time they are told who the criminals are , also these criminals must not be given bail when caught and the full force of the must come down on them. Bring back hanging and whipping. This will change the face of crime. In Guyana. If needed call on other countries for help if they feel they can’t cope. It is a shame . Guyanese are afraid to visit their own country .

  5. Don’t worry! Granger and his boys hot on the heels of the criminals. July 7, 2015 Chronicle headlines blared “Administration to criminal elements… ‘We coming after you’”. So people, take a few bullets, bury your dead, lose your money and valuables but don’t worry it will soon be over as Granger and the Justice League goes after the criminals.

  6. This is sad and crazy at the same only 2 nights ago i was watching capital news online when this guy was calling on the Police to arrest the many youth in the area who he say is responsible for the spike in crime. This just show how brake these gunmen in that anyone they’re willing to silence.


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