Over 1,500 police ranks to be added to GPF

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Police 1[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Ministry of Home Affairs has been successful in receiving the approval of Cabinet for an increase in the establishment of the Guyana Police Force from 3,410 to 4,956.

According to a press statement from the Ministry, the Force’s establishment of 3,410 was in existence since 1977. With this increase, a total of 1,546 Ranks would be added to the Force’s strength.

“This upward adjustment of the strength of the Force has become necessary because of the additional functions that the Police has had to perform over the years.

“Those added responsibilities have resulted in the Force creating additional specialized units,” the statement noted.

“Further, because of the development of new housing areas and the expended economic activities in the interior and other areas in Guyana, the current strength of the Force has been found to be inadequate to man the existing and new Police Stations that are to be constructed.”

According to the Ministry, the follow up administrative procedures that are required to move the process forward are being undertaken.



  1. of the 1500 hundred a little over 1000 joined up for perks and benefits that can enrich their lives by extortion from innocent citizens….guyanese yall can look forward to dishing out more fry rice for these new so called police…rohee have a nack for hiring criminals in police and army…ppp have a knack for hiring them in government run institutes too..

  2. Congrats to you officers, I do hope at least one of you will read this and pass it on. See this as a service to your country, be honest be respectful and protect the people of your country. With pride working in cohesiveness one with another to eradicate the ills that has befall the force and live lives of example that the young men around can look up to you and have dreams and aspirations.


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