NOC caregivers should undergo Lie Detector tests – APNU’s Chris Jones

The parents of two of the NOC girls

By Fareeza Haniff

[] – The stories emanating from New Opportunity Corps (NOC) continues to paint a grim picture of what occurs at the institution.

The parents of two of the NOC girls
The parents of two of the NOC girls

The parents of two of the girls who were removed from the institution have revealed that they had sexual intercourse with two male caregivers, who promised to help them escape from the institution.

However, the escape was thwarted after other caregivers heard about the plan. Additionally, after a court order instructed that the girls be removed, they were allegedly told by the caregivers, “Y’all must remember, the order is only for a month, when you come back you have to deal with us.”

A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Member of Parliament, Christopher Jones told a news conference on Friday, May 23 that this threat has since silenced the girls, as they are withholding certain information.

As such, Jones called for all the caregivers to undergo a lie detector test.

“All caregivers should be subject to lie detector tests and if they fail, they should be dismissed,” Jones told reporters.

Jones noted that the APNU will do all in its power to ensure that the girls do not return to the NOC.

Following the allegations of sexual abuse at the facility, Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Alfred King rebuffed allegations which sought to indicate that he had sexual intercourse with the students.

Additionally, Youth Minister Dr. Frank Anthony had said that he was saddened to learn of the allegations in general of misconduct at the institution; adding that a lot of the information unfolding is to a large extent unsubstantiated and could result in the demoralizing of staff and has already created unease at the facility.



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