Mother of murdered GWI Employee frustrated; asks “why did they kill my son”

DEAD: Marvin Cumbermack

By: Tracey Khan Drakes

DEAD: Marvin Cumbermack
DEAD: Marvin Cumbermack

[] -Police are still hoping for a breakthrough in the murder of 29 year-old Marvin Cummermack who was robbed and killed in Sophia after dropping his girlfriend home.

The former Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) employee’s mother, Claire Carrington expressed frustration with the police and believes her son’s murderer(s) will never be brought to justice.

 “I went to the station last Wednesday and they said they don’t have anything concerning this report, nothing they ain’t get, every lead they get they following but that’s all they tell me, they said they ain’t find the bike.” 

Claire Carrington
Claire Carrington

The grieving mother said “that was my only son, I have one daughter left and every time it pains my heart to know that this boy just kill me son just so and nothing ain’t coming out of it, he could a shoot he in the foot or something and take the motorbike why he had to kill him”, she questioned.

Carrington believes it is now up to public spirited citizens to help bring her son’s killer(s) to justice so that she can move on with her life.

 “He is an innocent child… he purchase that motorbike from his father’s legacy, he’s not a criminal, why you shoot him down like a criminal?”

The young man motorcycle was stolen and is yet to be found.

Carrington explained that her son saw how hard she worked and had plans of purchasing a minibus so that she could rest. Now the mother of one child is left wondering how much longer she will have to work, since her son is gone.

The 29 – year – old man had moments before picked up his girlfriend from classes and dropped her off at her home in ‘C’ Sophia.

iNews was informed that the bandit who approached the man wrestled with him for the motorcycle and resorted to shooting the victim and making good his escape with the bike as the man lay bleeding to death.




  1. Ow girl I feel your pain I even saw him lying there that night and tears came to my eyes because I have sons his age group


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