More than $100M to clean key areas in Georgetown, surrounding communities

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Garbage[] – As the government continues with the “Clean –Up My Country” campaign, the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown has embarked on the cleaning and desilting of street drains, alleyways and canals.

Areas being targeted are; Agricola, Mc Doom, Houston, Ruimveldt, Bourda, Lacytown, Le Repentir and South Cummingsburg, with in excess of 5 million dollars allocated for the cleaning of avenues and verges in the later.

The Bourda Cemetery is being cleaned of garbage and overgrown weed and similar works are due to begin at the Le Repentir Cemetery, which is in the process of being fenced. According to City Hall officials, the cemetery will be weeded on a steady basis, once the weather permits.

Also, the parapets and verges in Carmichael, Main and Camp Streets have been manicured and the City Council will continue similar works in other wards in the City. In the wards of Lacytown and Bourda more than $65 million has been budgeted, for similar interventions.

Works completed thus far have seen Bourda Cemetery being rehabilitated at a cost in excess of $6 million. At Agricola, Mc Doom and Houston in excess of $25 million will be spent to enhance the communities.

It is the intention of Government and other stakeholders to restore Georgetown to its previously designated state as the Garden City, of the Caribbean. [Extracted and modified from GINA]



  1. Congratulations to the city council, at least the nation will see how the money is going to be spent,UNLIKE the last BILLION that vanish into the bank accounts of ???. The areas that are targeted need cleaning, thanks to the Government. Keep up the GREAT work and lets get rid of all the NEGATIVE even those who are bent on NEGATIVE, Its going to take a long time for the baboons to accept the results of the last election. Sorry boys and girls its time to work TOGETHER

  2. More than $100M to clean key areas in Georgetown, surrounding communities:
    Take a serious look the communities named.
    6 months from now go back there and say what you see.
    Then ask Mayor Green for Life what’s his cut from that $100M
    It’s like telling cat to “hey hold this rat for me”

  3. Let the clean up continue and may the population have the pride to keep their surroundings clean and tidy. More people would want to visit, which means more money pumped into the economy.


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