Mon Repos NDC Chairman, resident facing litter penalties

Garbage on the Mon Repos railway embankment
Eddie Seon
Eddie Seon

[] –A Neighborhood Democratic Council (NDC) Chairman and resident are now facing penalties following an anti-litter operation conducted over several days in the village of Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara.

Wardens from the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Litter Enforcement Unit served notices to Anil Das, Chairman of the Mon Repos NDC and Eddie Seon, resident of the same village.

Seon was discovered dumping domestic waste on the roadside, an offence which carries a fine of no less than $50, 000. He has since been ordered a citation to pay the fixed penalty of $15, 000.

In a press release on Monday, January 26 the EPA said during a stakeout conducted by the Unit on January 13, numerous heaps of domestic waste was discovered on the roadside at School Street, De Andre Street, Richards Ville and Martyrs Ville.

To this end, Das in his capacity as NDC Chairman was issued a Clean-up Order, which gives him two weeks to ensure that all waste is removed from these areas.

Under the Regulations, local authorities are legally obligated to ensure that public spaces under their management are kept free of litter and that receptacles for waste deposit are provided and emptied in a timely manner.

Garbage on the Mon Repos railway embankment
Garbage on the Mon Repos railway embankment

This move is the second to a local authority, with the Town Clerk and the City Engineer of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council being served Prohibition Notices in December of 2014 regarding the state of the city’s canals on North Road and Church Streets.

Littering is an offence and offenders will be brought before the Courts; fines for littering range from $50, 000 for individuals, and $100, 000 for businesses, the release added.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment noted in the press release that it will continue, “Through the Environmental Protection Agency to work with the authorities including the Guyana Police Force, in ensuring that the Regulations are effectively enforced.

Littering offences and complaints can be forwarded to the Litter Unit on 600-0620, 225-5471-2, or [email protected].



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