Missing Pomeroon Teen found alive; recounts terrifying ordeal

Missing teenager Ruel Fredericks.
Missing teenager Ruel Fredericks.
Missing teenager Ruel Fredericks.

[www.inewsguyana.com]The missing 15 – year – old teenager of Siriki, Upper Pomeroon was found alive at around 17:00 hours Wednesday (May 21) at Mac Nabb/ Lima Sands, some four miles away from where he lived.

According to reports the student, Ruel Fredericks who attends the Charity Secondary School had disappeared last Friday while walking along a trail, headed to collect a bicycle from a relative.

Speaking from his bed at the Suddie Hospital where he has been admitted for observation, the student said he got lost in the jungle/densely forested area after taking a ‘wrong’ turn.

He recalled seeing three trails branching off from the main one and and said he chose the wrong one which led him deeper into the dark swampy area,

Fredericks said after night fell he could not find his way out and became afraid. He explained that he slept for brief periods during the nights on trees and at one time seemed to “blank out”.

The student said on Saturday morning he drank water from the Savannah for breakfast and continued on a journey to find a way to Siriki but ended up deeper in the jungle, adding that he prayed often and believed that God would have protected and lead him out.

He recalled an encounter with a “shocking eel”. According to the student he was walking  when the eel striked one of his feet resulting in injuries.

The brave and determined boy, who spent five nights and days lost in the interior finally emerged at Mac Nabb/Lima Sands Housing area at around 17:00 hours Wednesday afternoon. He was rescued by a woman called “Shirley” who gave him food and water.

Reports indicate that contact was subsequently made with his parents who rushed to Lima Sands to meet him. The student who was dehydrated and weak was then taken to the Suddie Hospital and admitted. He is currently under observation.

Meanwhile his relatives and friends are overjoyed and giving praise and thanks to God for his safe return.





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