Minibus in $6M cocaine bribe back on the road



[] – The minibus which was transporting the cocaine and cash on September 10 when ranks intercepted it and negotiated a bribe of $6M for a free pass is back on the road.

Sources in Berbice, who are familiar with the investigation, told iNews that the minibus was allowed out of police custody as the occupants on the day in question continue to cooperate with police investigators.

The minibus is back on the road even as cops have failed to determine if the cocaine is still in Guyana or delivered to a national from Suriname as was reported by the occupants of the vehicle.

Divisional Commander Errol Watts had indicated last week, that while the police were told the cocaine and cash were delivered to Surinamese nationals at Springlands, there was no way the police could have determined if that account was true.

On the day the cocaine was discovered in the minibus, the police ranks reportedly ordered one of the occupants to travel to Georgetown and return with a $6M bribe to secure the release and free passage of the minibus to continue on its voyage.

The police have since been very tight lipped with respect to the vehicle and who the owners are even though they had received information that the minibus was in the habit of transporting cocaine along the Corentyne corridor.

Requests by journalists for the vehicle’s registration number have been denied.

It is believed that once that information is made public and the description of the minibus made known, members of the public who have observed the minibus and its occupants acting suspiciously in the past may come forward and share information with the police, inclusive of dates and locations.




  1. This is bloody, damn slackness to the highest. Imagine this case was reported several days ago and nothing has been done about bringing the perpetrators of this drug trafficking issue to justice . instead, the incompetent Seelal Persaud continues to function as Police Commissioner whilst the crooks get away scotch free.

    Instead of dealing with such cogent and relevant issues as locking up the dope dealers, gun runners and other elements of Crime Guyana, Inc – the ‘learned’ yet ineffective Minister of Public Security – Ramjattan continues to wax poetic about bars closing by midnight and all sorts jiggery-pokery.

    This entire regime is fast descending into ‘a circus maximus’ given the recent course of events. Most of the time President Granger seems to be out of the country than in so just whom is running the place or is it on auto pilot for all intensive purposes. There is only so much Minister Hoe Harmon can do as he is not a seven handed Hindu deity and there are only 24 hours in the day.

    Minister Ramjattan should either lead, follow or get out of the way. He is best suited to being named as Ambassador to The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) which we are all sure he would relish as he could there and then seek to ‘extol the virtues’ of the Juche Idea.


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