Minibus driver remanded for causing road death

Orlando King. [iNews' Photo]

Orlando King. [iNews' Photo]
Orlando King. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – A minibus driver charged with the offence of dangerous driving has been remanded to prison by Magistrate Ann McLennan on Wednesday, July 29.

Orlando King of Melanie Damishana, East Coast Demerara, pleaded not guilty to the charge which alleged that on Sunday, July 26 at Camp and New Market Street, Georgetown, he drove minibus BSS 4305 in a manner dangerous to the public, causing the death of Wilbert Andrew Anthony.

His lawyer, Glenn Hanoman told the court that King has been a driver for eight years and has no prior or pending matters before the court.

Meanwhile, Police prosecutor Dinero Jones successfully opposed to bail on the grounds of the gravity and penalty of the charge. The prosecutor related to the court that on the day in question King was driving the vehicle at a fast rate of speed, when he collided with the victim who was pitched several feet away.

He further noted that the defendant collided with several other government properties, causing them to be damaged. Bail was refused and the matter was transferred before Magistrate Fabayo Azore for August 10.



  1. The Mini Bus Drivers In Guyana:

    Are no different from the Yellow Cab Taxi drivers, and Private Illegal Taxi Cabs in New York City either.

    They race down the streets, step on the gas when you are about to cross the street, and blow their horns BLOCKS away, to warn pedestrians to “Get To Hell Out Of Their Way.”

    This seems to be a Negative Universal Attitude with taxi Drives, and those who drive Public Transportation Vehicles, Buses, and Trains.

  2. Melanie Damishanna Housing Community:

    Melanie Damishanna was build by Self Help. The same people who would eventually live in those houses.

    The Self Help Housing projects was one of the PNC’S principal promises to house poor people. I too experienced that Self Help Housing, as a former member of the Pollards Aided Self Help Group of Meadow Brook Gardens, of which my mother was a member.

    And I was the one that helped build those houses in my group, because they would not allow my Mom to do so.

    Carifesta 72:

    Those houses were used by the PNC administration to house the invitees from the various Caribbean Countries to stay during the festivities. Without the consent of those hard working Guyanese Self Help Group members.

    That was how the L F S Burhnam did things in those days.

    They just did what they wanted, and the people were expected to accept without dissent.

  3. A very firm message must be sent to these Road
    Hogs that their irresponsibility will be met with a very harsh response.


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