Millions approved for new block, Trade Shop at Lusignan Prison



Prison[] – Cabinet did not object when it met last week to a request for over $78 million to construct a new Prison Block and a Trade Shop at the Lusignan Prison.

Cabinet members granted their No Objection for capital works to be done on a new Prison Block also referred to as phase three of the construction of the flat structure, to the tune of $52.8 million.

Additionally, $26. 2 million was approved and will go towards the construction of a Trade Shop at the facility.

According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, this project is aimed at providing better accommodation facilities for prisoners in keeping with the Ministry’s policy of having a secure environment for prisoners while at the same time protecting the Human Rights of the prisoners.

Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee.
Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee.

Other works to be done in this phase of the construction will include the erection of a security fence.

“It is envisaged that at the end of the project, the Trade Shop will house a carpentry shop, a mechanic shop, a joinery shop and facilities for barbering and sewing,” the Ministry explained in a statement.

It was observed that this project forms a part of the thrust of Ministry of Home Affairs and the Guyana Prison Service to place more focus on the rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners.




  1. if this is all in an effort to house the prisoners in safe environment yes I would say great idea. But if this is just to lock up young men for minor offences this is not the way to go. Too many of our young are in prison for petty crimes e.g.: I gram ganja, stealing fruits etc. When we have an epidemic of corruption in the Police Force and Gov. who are aiding and abetting the seasonal criminals and a few deportees. It is a shame when ministers of the gospel, visitors and Guyanese who are coming home either to help or enjoy the country are being robbed on their way from the airport. Guyana is too small for all of these prisons rather let us invest in work shops, better policing, technical schools or build a few housing schemes on some land and let them work for a period on building better housing for low income Guyanese, clean up the park, around Cuffy and the list can go on. You would have Help the economy teach some a trade and change lives which prisons cannot accomplish.


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