Massive ground search launched to find missing pilot, cargo handler

Nicky Persaud

[] – A massive ground search has been launched to find the pilot and the cargo handler who were aboard the Air Services aircraft which is believed to have crashed in the jungles of Region Eight.

With the official conclusion of search by the authorities to find the Air Services Britten Islander and its occupants, a massive ground search will commence on Friday, February 06.

The goal is to find the 27 – year – old Pilot Nicky Persaud and 51- year – old David Bisnauth, a cargo handler who was on board at the time the aircraft took off from the Mahdia Airstrip en route to Karisparu on December 28, 2014.

The ground search is being spearheaded by Frank Singh, a veteran tourism operator, who takes tourists across the jungles of Region Eight and has been involved in various expeditions and search and rescue operations.

Singh is also the father-in-law of the missing pilot. He told a media conference on Wednesday, February 04 that the search path was constructed with the help of a number of pilots and others experienced in working in the area.

The private search and rescue effort is being supported by voluntary donations from friends and relatives, said Cecil Persaud, father of the missing pilot.

Tony Melville, a former Chief of Chief of the Patamunas, who lives in the region of the search terrain, is one of the main personnel on the trip. The searchers, who could eventually number up to 20, are gearing up for a difficult experience, in some cases having to go through uncharted territory.

The pilot, married with a three year old boy, was one of the most experienced in the area working for Air Services Limited.

The cargo handler, David Bisnauth, a father of four, was employed by Air Services Limited three years ago and lived in the company’s facilities at Mahdia.



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