Manslaughter, illegal possession of ammo charges for Police Rank who shot Belgrave


[] –The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions has advised that the police rank who allegedly fired the bullet that killed Damien Belgrave be charged with manslaughter and illegal possession of ammunition.

Dead: Damien Belgrave.
Dead: Damien Belgrave.

The rank has been identified as Corporal Fraser. On May 8, charges which were brought against Officers Sheldon Williams and Errol Williams were dismissed after police presented ballistics reports at the Preliminary Inquiry, which disclosed that the bullet which killed Belgrave was not fired by either of the men.

The shooting occurred on October 5, 2012 outside the White Castle Fish Shop in Georgetown.

The Court heard that on the night of the shooting, both of the two ranks fired shots in the air.

Fraser, who also fired shots that night, was able to reload his weapon. The ammunition which he refilled his weapon with was not officially issued to him, hence the decision of the DPP that he be charged with the illegal possession of ammunition.

The test which was carried out on the round that was retrieved from Belgrave’s body was consistent with the rounds which were fired by Fraser.

In 2012, Commissioner of Police Acting Leroy Brumell promised the mother of Belgrave that justice would be served and the ranks,who are responsible for the shooting would be disciplined.

On the night in question two years ago, Belgrave was accidentally shot by TSU ranks,who were pursuing the occupants of a vehicle in the vicinity of the White Castle Fish Shop on Hadfield Street. He would have celebrated his 22nd birthday the following day.

After he was shot, they picked him up and dumped him off at the Georgetown Public Hospital and left.





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