Man who stabbed gays to death kills self



[] – The man who stabbed two gays to death this morning set himself on fire and died at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

He has been identified as Samuel Bristol of Nabaclis, East Coast Demerara. Reports indicate that he set himself alight near the Bourda Post Office, Georgetown at approximately 5:30 hours.

Jason John and Carlyle Sinclair were brutally stabbed to death early this morning [Sunday, July 20] on Leopold Street and Lombard Street, respectively.

Bristol was allegedly in an intimate relationship with another male commercial sex worker and became angry after that individual broke off the almost five years relationship.

This news site was informed that the man first showed up on North Road in the vicinity of the St Georges Cathedral where the male sex workers would usually ply their trade and attempted to throw gasoline on the workers to set them alight.

However, some fled while others put up a fight and the man ran from the location and joined a MMC Vehicle which took him to Leopold Street where he attacked the a sex worker and a friend.

He first dealt several stabs to Jason John also known as “Jada” who is said to be a dancer and a model and sex worker, Carl St Claire also known as “Tyra Banks”, who was with Jada at the time.

iNews understands that the two ran to High Street onto Lombard Street where he caught up with them and knifed them death before fleeing the scene.

The intimate partner of the assailant, Mario, told iNews that he decided to break off the relationship with the man who was an abuser and who his family encouraged him to separate from because of that attitude.

He said that he recently began engaging in the act of commercial sex and the man was not in support of it and would constantly show up at the North Road location and threaten the workers to kill them all.

The police responded very quickly after they were informed of the man’s actions but by the time they arrived he had already gone into hiding. Within five minutes of the incident there were close to five hundred persons who gathered at the two locations as they sought to get a glimpse of the sprawled lifeless bodies of the two.




  1. Too bad they met their demise in such a way but perhaps some good can come of this tragedy if it causes society at large to take a hard look at the so called male sex worker problem that has plagued Guyana since Noah was in Kindergarten. Of all places these people choose to ply their trade, it’s the immediate environs of the St George’s Cathedral. It’s amazing to me that they are allowed to do that while police focus on overloaded mini buses.

  2. well he ent got to worry if he will get jail or get off the way the justice system going these me opinion he did the right thing ..he should have killed he slef before he murdered others and that would have been the correct thing to do..


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