Man shot, chopped during argument over stolen cattle


Crime scene[] – Twenty – nine – year old Mark Simon is nursing gunshot wounds to his back and right foot, along with a chop wound also on his right foot, following an argument with another man over stolen cattle.

A police report confirmed that at approximately 18:30 hrs on Tuesday, May 19, Simon of Liverpool, Corentyne and the man were arguing at Liverpool when the incident occurred.

According to the police report, Simon has been admitted to hospital for medical treatment. The suspect fled the scene and has not yet been arrested. Investigations are in progress.




  1. The PNC has promised their supporters free living if they are in Government.
    PNC supporters will continue to go around claiming people properties and putting their brand on them, just like how Granger put A. Chung name on the State Of The Art Centre that the PPP Government built.


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