Man shot, abducted; two arrested


POLICE INVOLVED SHOOTING[] – Police say that at 19:00hrs on Friday June 26, Devon Chung of Guyhoc Park, Georgetown, was in conversation with another  man at Durban Street and Cemetery Road,  when two men armed with firearms approached and held them up.

 According to the police, the man with Chung was placed to lie on the ground and his licensed pistol and ammunition taken away while Chung was forced into a waiting motor car.

Chung was reportedly taken to Sophia where he was shot to his chest and back and thrown out of the vehicle. The motor vehicle was subsequently found overboard in a trench in the area. The shot man was subsequently taken to a hospital where he has been admitted for medical treatment.

 Investigations being conducted led to a search on a house at South Sophia where a .32 round was found. A man and a woman have been arrested and are in police custody assisting with the investigations.



  1. Guyana cannot afford these criminals. They should be hunted down and made to pay by sending a very loud message to those like them whose only goal is to prey on hardworking honest citizens. These thugs seem to carry out their predatory activities with impunity when and where ever they please. The response must be equal, sustained and resolute.


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