Man remanded for Break and Enter, Larceny offences

The accused, Rajiv Ramroop. [iNews' Photo]


The accused, Rajiv Ramroop. [iNews' Photo]
The accused, Rajiv Ramroop. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – A young man from Essequibo Islands, was refused bail on two counts of break and enter and larceny by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry on Monday, May 12.

Rajiv Ramroop pleaded not guilty to both charges, particulars of one alleged that on Thursday, May 8 at Leguan Island, he broke and entered the dwelling house of Tulsie Persaud also called Pandit and stole one pink mini music box and cash $40,000 together valued $43,000.

The other allegation stated that on May 5 at Enterprise Long Road, Leguan, he also broke and entered the dwelling place of Christopher Anthony and stole one body spray, one perfume, three boxer shorts and $10,500 cash among other items together valued $40,000.

The accused told the Court that two years ago he was sentenced for a similar offence. Police Prosecutor, Bharrat Mangru successfully opposed bail based on the seriousness and the prevalence of the offence and the fact that he was found n Persaud’s yard with articles in his possession.

He was remanded to prison and the matter was transferred to Leguan Court for May 15.



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